Thursday January 12, 2017

Microsoft Sued By Employees Who Developed PTSD After Reviewing Disturbing Content

I don’t get it. Isn’t this kind of like, a homicide detective suing for being subjected to too many dead bodies? The plaintiffs are arguing that Microsoft did not provide therapists and merely told them to go on walks, smoke cigs, and play video games to take their mind off of things.

Two Microsoft employees who had to watch "horrific images" of murder, child pornography and bestiality as part of their "online safety" job have sued the company after developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Henry Soto and Greg Blauert say Microsoft failed to warn them about the dangers of the job and failed to provide psychological support. They sued the company in King County Court on Dec. 30, alleging negligence, disability discrimination and violations of the Consumer Protection Act. The men were customer service workers assigned to Microsoft’s online safety program, responsible for deciding whether content should be removed or reported to law enforcement.