Thursday January 12, 2017

Developers Unsure If Nintendo Switch's Hybrid Nature Will Be Appealing

There is a significant lack of confidence in the Switch coming from where it matters. While nearly half of the developers surveyed believe it will sell more than the Wii U, they do not think the system’s hybrid nature will be any kind of game changer.

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Half of those surveyed said they believe the Switch will outsell the Wii U, which underperformed, selling 13.36 million systems as of Nintendo's latest count. 14 percent of respondents said they thought the Switch would sell worse than the Wii U, while 37 percent said they were unsure. Some analysts have doubted the Switch's appeal, saying its hybrid nature is not very innovative. Developers are also unsure if the hybrid nature of the console will be appealing. 19 percent said they thought this feature would be appealing, while 48 percent said it could make an impact but isn't a "world-changing" feature. 11 percent said people won't be interested in the dual nature of the system, while 23 percent said they don't know how the public will react to the Switch.