Thursday January 12, 2017

Battlefield 1’s Anti-Cheat System Reportedly Banning Legit Players

Battlefield 1’s anti-cheat measure, FairFight, may be banning players for being too good. Rather than eliminating players based on the detection of cheat software, it could be doing so based on stats. I really suck at online FPS, so this has no effect on me and may even allow me to get a kill in.

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آ…although kl-Spazmo may be a cheater, the issue here is that FairFight has reportedly banned him based on his stats, not effectively detecting a third-party cheating software as is often the case. This is part of FairFight’s model, but as he points out, other players such as Minidoracat have also fallen victim to the anti-cheat detector. Kl-Spazmo says he has gameplay and webcam footage of the time he got banned. After some back and forth with DICE, he was unbanned following further review of his case. Though the initial video has been made private, he did promise to upload more with better quality to his YouTube channel. Since then, other players have also shared their experience of getting caught doing nothing, but receiving a ban anyway.