Wednesday January 11, 2017

GTX 1070 Overclocking Guide

The gents over at Overclockers Club have put together their take on overclocking your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 video card. While many of us think "we already know how to do it," it is always good to have new information. OC Club goes into the dynamics of NVDIA GPU Boost 3.0, system stability, and memory and GPU core clocking. They have an interesting way of going about it, and it makes a lot of sense as well and may get you through the process faster than the way you are doing it now.

Lastly, for you hardcore overclockers, if you periodically run a benchmark and write down the results, you may find the score going down after a certain point. This is a common problem. As the card exceeds its maximum potential, it can be a trickster. A higher overclock does not always translate to a better experience.

You can compare their methods with ours as Brent laid out in the last ASUS Strix GTX 1060 review.