Wednesday January 11, 2017

Gaming on the BIG Wide Whatever

The angry beavers at HardwareCanucks have posted a video of Razer's Project Ariana in action. If you have not seen this, it is worth taking a look. I am not sure how the actual experience of using it would be however, and I have heard that the system is far from inexpensive for what you get, but the video is pretty damn cool.

Razer's Project Ariana may make their triple-screen Valerie look like a kids [sic] toy. This projector not only expands the view for your monitor by projecting peripheral video on the wall but it also syncs up with a ton of other items like Hue lights. It is AMAZING to watch!

Now, since they suggest this makes triple screen gaming look like a kid's toy, it did make me harken back to building a 30 foot wide Eyefinity screen at the AMD / HardOCP Texas GamExperience four years ago. I would suggest for the enthusiast that wants to take matters into his own hands, you can make Razer's Ariana look like a kid's toy pretty quickly. A big blurry-as-hell overpriced kid's toy actually. So to answer the Beave's question, "The BEST Gaming Display EVER!?" I would have to reply, "You guys need to get out more."