Wednesday January 11, 2017

AMD Benefitting from its Diminutive Size says CEO

AMD is getting its groove back hopefully, and maybe a little bit of spunk goes a long ways! All HardOCP readers certainly know that competition in our enthusiast industry is needed and has been sorely lacking for some time now.

"We understand we’re the smaller guy," Su added, referring to rival Intel. "In some sense, you can view that as daunting. Yes, our competition may have significantly more engineers or significantly more R&D investment. On the other hand, we have significantly more freedom. We have the freedom to innovate."

However, when it comes to VR, we have shown for months now that AMD does not come close to delivering on its RX480 "premium VR experiences" promise.

Of course, Su acknowledged that VR has yet to reach its full potential.

"What’s holding it back right now is, it’s still a little complex to use, still a little bulky," Su told said. "With technological advances, there’s a very natural curve between cost and complexity and adoption. When the cost and complexity are high, the adoption rate is, let’s call it ‘modest.’"

Of course Su is referring to sales of HMDs rather than AMD's lacking performance. Good dodge. Here's hoping that AMD's new Vega GPU brings with it some sort of performance parity in the realm of VR. Certainly we will be investigating that with objective data.