Tuesday January 10, 2017

Verizon Unlimited Users Averaging 200GB Or More Per Month Get The Boot

Not content with mere price hikes, Verizon will also be punishing "unlimited" users with a 200GB usage limit. Those who dare to venture beyond that face the consequence of losing their plans and being forced to migrate to another. Interestingly, even users who are nowhere near the limit have been getting warnings from the company.

Last year, Verizon began informing customers who used an "extraordinary" amount of data on unlimited plans that they would no longer be able to keep those unlimited data plans. At the time, Verizon wouldn’t set a specific number of GB on that "extraordinary" number, but we ventured to guess it was around 100GB per month or more after hearing feedback from readers and with Verizon pointing to their 100GB plan over and over. As it turns out, that number has either adjusted to a higher number or we were simply wrong. Either way, another wave of customers are getting the boot and need to find a new plan or carrier by February 16.