Tuesday January 10, 2017

Put Your VR Hardware to Good Use

Watch President Obama’s farewell speech live tonight in VR so says the Verge.

Tonight at 9PM ET, President Barack Obama will give his farewell address, before handing the reins over to President-elect Trump later this month. If you don’t happen to be in Chicago to watch it, the next best thing may be a 360-degree live stream of the event, hosted by VRScout. The video will be shot with multiple Nokia Ozo cameras, placed around the venue at McCormick Place. You can watch it either in full virtual reality (through YouTube on PlayStation VR and Google Daydream, for instance, or Facebook on Samsung Gear VR) or as a flatscreen 360-degree video online.

News Image

I got ten bucks that say President Obama has a custom VR environment where he does nothing but choke out Joe after he says something stupid. Not to mention a few others. wink