Tuesday January 10, 2017

Kaby Lake Pentium Processors Get Hyper-Threading

The obvious relevance here is that older Pentiums did not have hyper-threading. With HT enabled, these processors could very well perform on par with an i3 and would make them a great choice for budget systems. We can only speculate why Intel allowed this, however.

Historically, last-generation Pentium processors only had two cores and never, ever had hyper-threading enabled. This new feature will make the 60-Euro ($63) processors behave and likely perform at Core i3-level performance. The one thing the Pentium will not support is the AVX2 instruction set, which mainly is handy and very fast with video editing/transcoding. It might be a terrific processor for a low-cost net PC. Hyper-threading has been verified with Intel. It is not a typo in the ARK processor database.