Tuesday January 10, 2017

HTC Vive Outselling Oculus Rift 2:1, Claims Tim Sweeney

Let this be a lesson to those who enter the headset game in the future (assuming Mr. Sweeney is on point): make sure it’s open source. That’s easy enough to believe, since nobody wants to be locked to any one ecosystemآ—but I would also think that HTC having an arguably more advanced and complete product played some part.

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According to the founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, the HTC Vive is outselling the Oculus Rift by a ratio of 2:1. Claiming that the reason for the greater success rate of the Vive is its open-platform design, Sweeney said he expects this trend to continue and that ultimately open platforms will dominate in the VR space. Oculus was once the darling of the virtual reality world. The developer of early VR kits like the DK1 and DK2 and headed by then well-loved, VR evangelist, Palmer Luckey, Oculus rode a wave of popularity to its consumer release. However after backtracking, a higher than expected price and a very Apple-like stance on software stores, much of the Oculus good will evaporated throughout 2016.