Tuesday January 10, 2017

The Dumbest Stuff We Found At CES 2017

Another CES has come and gone, and sites are compiling their list of what was great, and what wasn’t so great. Most of this "bad tech" is merely unnecessary; others are genuinely stupid.

The Moore USB Drive claims to be able to offer unlimited data storage anytime, anywhere آ— even when there's no internet connection available. آ…it automatically knows what data you need on the device at all times and makes sure it's available locally. Let me kick you a scenario: The flash drive is 32GB and you've uploaded 3,200GB of data. You get on an airplane and you're looking for a movie you edited from a couple years ago آ— the ingenious AI will have the movie ready for you! You don't need internet access and you don't need to sync. BWAHA! Nope. I'm thinking this company thinks we're dumb.