Tuesday January 10, 2017

Apple Releases Fix To MacBooks In Response To Consumer Reports' Test Results

The battery life of the new MacBook Pros may not be as disappointing as Consumer Reports had suggested. Apple has released a fix to one of the issues, a Safari bug, but we will have to wait until second-round testing is complete to see just how much more consistent the battery life is this time around.

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We have now downloaded the software fix and are rerunning our battery tests with the fix in place on the same computers previously tested. If the battery life results are consistently high, the ratings score for MacBook Pros would rise, and those laptops will then receive Consumer Reports’ Recommended rating given their performance in all our other evaluations. We communicated our original test results to Apple prior to publication on Dec. 22 and afterward sent multiple rounds of diagnostic data, at the company’s request, to help its engineers understand the battery issues we saw in our testing. After investigating the issue, Apple says that the variable battery performance we experienced is a result of a software bug in its Safari web browser that was triggered by our test conditions.