Sunday January 08, 2017

Windows XP Hard To Kill, Continues To Gain Market Share

Major companies continue to end support for Windows XP, but it’s going be around one way or another. We saw an amusing rise in XP use in the summer, and now we’re seeing it again with a jump to 9% market share from 8%. There are some factors in play (like adblockers), however, that may make all of this just artificial.

آ…Windows 10 experienced a 14.4% increase in market share from December 2015 to December 2016, jumping from 9.96% to 24.36%. The most surprising trend, though, is Windows XP’s still growing market share. According to the data provided by NetMarkerShare, Windows XP experienced growth in market share in recent months. Microsoft’s third most popular OS had a 9.07% market share in December 2016, up from 8.27% in October and 8.63% in November. This is not the first time Windows XP has experienced a significant market share increase. Back in June 2016, the OS had a 9.78% market share that grew to 10.34% in July.