Sunday January 08, 2017

Tesla Preparing Autopilot 2 Test Deployment

The next version of Autopilot is about to get rolled out to select Tesla vehicles for testing, which is definitely going to be stressed this time around due to the crash that occurred last year. While the final version of the software won’t be ready any time soon, the current hardware is fully ready for autonomous driving.

Musk says the update will roll out to a 1000-car strong test fleet on Monday, with the rest of the Tesla fleet running the update in "shadow mode" where the computer simulates what it would have done if active, and gives Tesla a chance to test the software in more conditions without taking physical control of vehicles. "If all looks good," Musk says, they’ll switch from shadow to active mode for all cars by the end of this week. The company says the hardware is capable of supporting fully autonomous driving, but the software is still years away from a general release. However, the first goal is to bring "parity" between the Autopilot Hardware 1 and Hardware 2 sets.