Sunday January 08, 2017

Nikkei Reports Nintendo Switch Price Of 25,000 Yen, Prompting $250 Speculation

Practically all signs are pointing to the Nintendo Switch debuting at under $300. Do you think it will be worth getting at launch?

It seems likely that the larger retailers will be jumping in with solid pre-order offerings and pricing for the Nintendo Switch at the end of this week, but Nikkei has weighed in with a report on the Japanese price - 25,000 Yen. At current exchange rates that converts to around $214 / آ€203 / آ£174, but taxes and so on make $250 / آ€237 / آ£203 a feasible price. That would match up with speculation over the past few months, and would make sense if Nintendo is aiming for an affordable core offering and price, which is surely necessary after the launch struggles of 3DS and Wii U - both were considered relatively pricey when they were launched.