Sunday January 08, 2017

First Nokia-Branded Smartphone Is Exclusive To China

Nokia is back with their first Android phoneآ—but not fully, since the mobile is actually manufactured by another company that merely licensed the brand, and it won’t even be available anywhere besides China. I don’t think we are missing much; the only spec that seems unique is that it carries Dolby Atmos technology.

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The Android device had been highly anticipated and marks Nokia's return to the smartphone market after a series of Windows Phone models. Microsoft briefly used the brand for about a year after buying Nokia's mobile devices unit in 2014. Nokia once dominated the mobile phone market but struggled after the launch of the iPhone a decade ago, and the subsequent release of Google's Android operating system. HMD Global had previously indicated it would release several Nokia-branded Android phones in 2017. It is expected to provide details of at least some of the other launches at another trade show - Barcelona's Mobile World Congress - in February.