Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday January 07, 2017

WikiLeaks Wants To Create A Database Of Verified Twitter Users

It sounds like WikiLeaks intends to catalog and assess the personal information of Twitter’s more prominent (i.e., verified) users, although it remains to be seen what will be made public. They have insisted this isn’t a doxing operation, with the goal being determining "who or what might be influencing Twitter’s verified users." Some speculate this to be a response to "dishonest media."

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In a subsequent series of tweets on Friday, WikiLeaks Task Force آ— a verified Twitter account described in its bio as the "Official @WikiLeaks support account" آ— explained that it wanted to look at the "family/job/financial/housing relationships" of Twitter’s verified users, which includes a ton of journalists, politicians and activists. The point, the WikiLeaks account claims, is to "develop a metric to understand influence networks based on proximity graphs." That’s a pretty confusing explanation, and the comment left a number of concerned Twitter users scratching their collective heads and wondering just how invasive this database might be.