Saturday January 07, 2017

This Is Project Neon, The Upgrade For Windows 10’s Design

Aero Glass is back! Well, not reallyآ…but I’m a sucker for any kind of aesthetic change, so I am curious to see how this turns out and whether we will get visual upgrades beyond those for apps. Animations are supposed to be an exciting part of this, but I reckon that a lot of you are like me and have that stuff unchecked under System.

News Image

آ…I don’t want readers to be fooled by those who suggest this is a major or a complete overhaul of Windows 10’s design language. In fact, it’s a fairly minor update that builds on the current Windows 10 UI (aka MDL2). Nevertheless, change is always exciting, so here’s an early look at NEON. Project NEON will heavily focus on animations, simplicity, and consistency آ– essentially bringing back Windows 7’s Aero Glass and mixing it up with animations like the ones from the Windows Phone 8/7 era.