Saturday January 07, 2017

Apple's Share Of PC Users Drops To Five-Year Low

Mac popularity is going down, it seems, based on new data revealing that OS X now only powers 6.1 percent of all personal computers. The company’s own sales data would reflect this.

According to web analytics vendor Net Applications, Apple’s desktop and notebook operating systemآ—formerly OS X, now macOSآ—powered just 6.1 percent of all personal computers last month, down from 7 percent a year ago and a peak of 9.6 percent as recently as April 2016. آ…The Mac’s 6.1 percent user share in December was the lowest mark recorded by Net Applications since August 2011, more than five years ago. Although the Mac number fluctuates month to monthآ—as do all estimates from the metrics firmآ—its general trend has been up for two-thirds of a decade: In 2009, for example, the Mac accounted for only about 5 percent of all personal computers.