Saturday January 07, 2017

AMD: Zen CPU Architecture Expected To Last Four Years

Par for the course, AMD’s newest architecture will mirror the longevity of previous generations and stick it out for four years. The higher-ups would also have you know that Ryzen will be available on day oneآ—no paper launch.

When asked how long Zen would last, compared to Intel’s two-year tick-tock cadence, Papermaster confirmed the four-year lifespan and tapped the table in front of him: "We’re not going tick-tock," he said. "Zen is going to be tock, tock, tock." Intel’s tick-tock cadence has typically meant that it develops a new microarchitecture every two years, with Kaby Lake the exception. Though AMD has never taken the time to formalize it, a three- to four-year lifespan for its own CPU architectures is about average.