Friday January 06, 2017

PC Gaming Thriving: GeForce Revenue Doubles

The PC’s share of global gaming revenue continues to grow. PC game revenue hit $31 billion in 2016, doubling over the past five years, according to market research firm DFC. The number of core PC gamers is climbing, too آ— expected to grow 50 million in 2017 to 400 million, according to market researcher New Zoo. We estimate 70 percent of them play on GeForce gaming PCs. Reflecting these trends, our gaming business has doubled in the past five years.

It’s a business that’s on the move, in part because gaming laptops now go wherever gamers do. With the huge power efficiency gains achieved with our Pascal architecture, gamers can now enjoy a full desktop gaming experience on a laptop, including virtual reality. Our family of 10-Series gaming laptops is complete with the launch of GeForce GTX 1050 at CES, adopted in over 30 designs.آ  In 2016 we saw sales of gaming laptops accelerate, becoming effectively the fastest-growing gaming platform.