Thursday January 05, 2017

FTC Suing D-Link For Failing To Properly Secure It Products

A lawsuit filed in a U.S. District Court in San Francisco by the Federal Trade Commission accuses D-Link of failing to properly secure its routers and webcams. The lawsuit also claims that D-Link did not secure users’ login credentials, but "instead have stored those credentials in clear, readable text on a user’s mobile device."

Thanks to the Internet of Things, consumers can easily share a photo with family or watch from the office what’s going on at home. But share a tax return with a hacker, have some creep silently gaze at the live feed from your family room, or have your personal conversations remotely recorded? (Shudder.) A lawsuit the FTC filed against D-Link, a global manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other connected devices, alleges that the company made deceptive claims about the security of its products and engaged in unfair practices that put consumers’ privacy at risk.