Wednesday January 04, 2017

Florida Man Sues Verizon...For Not Stopping Him From Stealing

There are no words to describe how stupid this is. Then again, if you had nothing to do for the next ten years, I guess filing frivolous lawsuits is a way to pass the time.

A Florida man serving a ten-year prison stretch for identity theft to steal $300 from Verizon Wireless is suing the company...for not stopping him. James Leslie Kelly was convicted last October of grand theft and criminal use of personal identification information. Kelly used that data to steal $300 in goods and services from Verizon Wireless. But WFTV in Florida reports that the man is suing Verizon, claiming the company's "negligence" caused a "loss of civil liberties and freedoms," because he was convicted and sentenced to prison in connection with the case. Kelly is seeking $72 million in damages.