Wednesday January 04, 2017

AMD Press Release on AM4 Motherboard X370 Chipset Specifications

Now that all the GTX 1080 Ti #FakeNews is over with for the day, we can get down to real things to talk about. AMD just sent out a press release that has a some tidbits of #RealNews about its upcoming X370 (and others) chipset that will support its Ryzen processor.

... two upcoming desktop chipsets for AMD Ryzen processors: the X370 and X300. X370 chipset-based motherboards are designed for those who need the most performance, cutting-edge features, and superior I/O connectivity from their PCs including support for overclocking1, and dual graphics. For users looking for performance in a more compact size, the X300 chipset also features an AMD Ryzen-ready AM4 socket while utilizing the mini-ITX size ideal for small form factor PCs. Both chipsets take full advantage of innovative technology features including:

  • Dual-channel DDR4 memory

  • NVMe

  • M.2 SATA devices

  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2

  • PCIeآ® 3.0 capability2

OK, nothing earthshattering, but certainly great to know. That is all.