Tuesday January 03, 2017

How To Opt Out Of Mandatory Arbitration

Mandatory arbitration isn't something most folks give a lot of thought to but, as this article points out, if you received a tech gadget for Christmas, you could be stuck with no recourse if something goes wrong with it unless you opt out within a certain time frame.

You need to opt out of Fitbit’s mandatory binding arbitration within 30 days, and can do it just by sending an email. As we publish this on January 3, you still have time to opt out if you registered your Fitbit on or after December 3, 2016. That leaves the many fitness trackers given as Christmas gifts well within the window to opt out, which you can do by e-mailing legal@fitbit.com. Simply write, "I, [your first and last name], decline Fitbit’s arbitration agreement."