Saturday December 17, 2016

Terry Crews Wants To Be In Overwatch

Crews shared his interest in voicing Doomfist last month, and it looks like that may be happening. Maybe Terry can do the announcer/system voice too so I can hear "OVEEERRRWAAATCH" every time I hit the title screen.

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In a recent thread on Reddit, Terry Crews said, "I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST," via a verified account at the suggestion from a fan. This sparked a lot of excitement from Reddit's Overwatch community, with the thread recording 1222 responses at the time of writing. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expendables star threw fuel on the rumor-fire by visiting the Overwatch team at Blizzard headquarters. Nothing has been confirmed from either Crews or Blizzard, but fan speculation is running high.