Saturday December 17, 2016

Riding Inside "Tesla Killer" Lucid Air Luxury EV

Lucid Motors has a long way to go (its factories are still being developed), but I think they have come up with a pretty nice ride. It’s crazy how many screens they are shoving into EVs.

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Clearly the company has taken cues from Tesla to help determine how much whizbang it should add without being ostentatious (even going as far as grabbing former Model S lead engineer Peter Rawlinson and making him CTO). That's not all it's borrowing from Tesla. Its strategy for autonomous driving is to ship the car with the sensors, cameras, radar and LIDAR needed for semi-autonomy. But when it goes on sale, only a few of those features will be live. Additional self-driving services will be added via over-the-air updates. If you weren't already aware, the future of car ownership is filled with DLC.