Wednesday December 14, 2016

Is 'Phubbing' Ruining Your Relationship?

Is 'phubbing' ruining your relationship? Are you phubbing one out while you are supposed to be paying attention to your woman? Do you even know what phubbing is? What if you are phubbing right now and you don't even know it?

We zeroed in on measuring something called "phubbing" (a fusion of "phone" and "snubbing"). It's how often your romantic partner is distracted by his or her smartphone in your presence. With more and more people using the attention-siphoning devices -- the typical American checks his or her smartphone once every six-and-a-half minutes, or roughly 150 times each day -- phubbing has emerged as a real source of conflict. For example, in one study, 70 percent of participants said that phubbing hurt their ability to interact with their romantic partners.