Tuesday December 13, 2016

UPS, FedEx Already Struggling Under Avalanche Of Holiday Deliveries

If you haven't gotten all your holiday shopping done by now, you might be in for some delays, even if you use FedEx or UPS. The good news is that shipping isn't as bad as it was last year at this time. So there's that.

Before the holiday season even started, both UPS and FedEx beefed up their seasonal staff and tried to prepare by extending some delivery windows, temporarily dropping delivery guarantees and refunds for some weeks, and stopped promising to deliver express packages by a certain time. That didn’t help much, as analysts say on-time delivery rates for both carriers were down a bit in the weeks after Thanksgiving, compared to their average rates for the rest of the year: on-time delivery rates for UPS Ground fell to 96.3% last week, while FedEx Ground sank to 96.9%.