Tuesday December 13, 2016

Google To Release Its Secret FBI Subpoenas

I'm going to be bummed if there isn't something really juicy in all the secret National Security Letters that Google is now making public. I mean, what's the point of releasing all this stuff if it's just boring, run-of-the-mill law enforcement requests? wink

As we have described in the past, we have fought for the right to be transparent about our receipt of NSLs. This includes working with the government to publish statistics about NSLs we’ve received, successfully fighting NSL gag provisions in court, and leading the effort to ensure that Internet companies can be more transparent with users about the volume and scope of national security demands that we receive. We are now making copies of those NSLs available. Our goal in doing so is to shed more light on the nature and scope of NSLs. We minimized redactions to protect privacy interests, but the content of the NSLs remain as they were when served. We are also publishing the correspondence reflecting the lifting of the nondisclosure restrictions. We have links to the documents below. In the near future, we will establish a more permanent home for these and additional materials from our Transparency Report.