Sunday December 11, 2016

Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki Calls AI CG Animation "An Insult To Life Itself"

Anime was a mistake! AI CG is a mistake! The legendary artist clearly wants nothing to do with animation created by artificial intelligence.

The AI CG animation produced a humanoid figure who looks horribly disfigured and can only move its body using its head. The lumbering, zombie-esque create was pitched for possible horror projects, but Miyazaki said he would have nothing to do with it. The critical animator was quick to dress down the presentation team. Miyazaki said he could not support an unfeeling, mechanized method of animation that doesn’t account for human pain. The artist was particularly incensed because a close friend of his has a disability, and Miyazaki felt like animators may left people like his friends down should the experiment be used. "I am utterly disgusted," he told the room, summing up his feelings about the entire presentation.