Sunday December 11, 2016

"Star In A Jar" Fusion Reactor Works And Promises Infinite Energy

We are supposedly one step closer to an energy utopiaآ—a fusion reactor that would generate energy in the same manner as the sun and other stars. Scientists have achieved a working stellerator, which is basically a magnetic field capable of containing plasma that burns at about 80 million degrees Celsius.

..."star in a jar" technology would essentially provide Earth with limitless clean energy, forever. And according to new reports out of Europe this week, we just took another big step toward making it happen. In a study published in the latest edition of the journal Nature Communications, researchers confirmed that Germany's Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) fusion energy device is on track and working as planned. The space-age system, known as a stellerator, generated its first batch of hydrogen plasma when it was first fired up earlier this year. The new tests basically give scientists the green light to proceed to the next stage of the process.