Sunday December 11, 2016

Report: Nintendo Switch Dock Increases Performance, Not Via Extra Hardware

If I’m reading this correctly, the Nintendo Switch’s dock is more of a passive device that will serve as a trigger for the handheld’s (main system) "big screen" mode that runs at a higher clock speed. I wonder if there will be any overheating issues, since the unit will run hotter and only have a small fan built into the dock to cool it.

When the system is connected to the dock by USB-C, the system’s components will run at a higher clock speed to facilitate 1080p resolutions on the TV. Both video and power will be transferred over USB-C when docked. Plugging the system into the dock will also activate a small additional fan to help with cooling when run at that higher clock speed. This fan is in the rear of the dock, and there is a gap in the back of the dock to allow the system’s inbuilt fans to vent when docked. The dock is incredibly light weight and, while it does play a part in increasing system performance on the TV, it is designed to be cheap to produce. The intention is that sometime after launch additional docks will be sold to place in differing rooms if you have multiple TVs.