Sunday December 11, 2016

Guests Sue Groom Over Drone Crash At Wedding

A groom is getting sued after he flew a drone into a tent and hit a woman in the head with it. I hate it when I show up for free cake and get a fractured nose and concussion instead.

Billcliff was flabbergasted. "How would anyone think that anything like that would ever happen on their big day?" he said. Paramedics showed up and the reception came to a halt. "That pretty much ended it," said Billcliff, who added his bride, Nichole, was in a "really, really bad mood after that." "At the moment, she just got really mad at me and thought that I just completely ruined the wedding," Billcliff said. "She was so worried about me doing something stupid." Billcliff admits he’s known for his "stupid antics." But except for tossing a few meatballs at his friends’ table, Billcliff insists he was on his best behavior at the wedding.