Sunday December 11, 2016

Amazon Accused Of "Intolerable Conditions" At Scottish Warehouse

Now we’ve got complaints of how Amazon employees are paid so little they live in tents to escape commute costs, and those who take sick days are getting punished. Former workers have complained of being worked like robots, with overtime being mandatory and holidays banned during busy months.

آ…tents near the siteآ…were being lived in by Amazon workers. It said at least three tents were pitched close to the warehouse by the M90 in Dunfermline and that a man living in one of them had said he was an employee who usually lives in Perth. A Sunday Times investigation found that temporary workers at the warehouse were being penalised for taking time off sick and put under pressure to hit targets for picking orders. It also claimed that although workers could walk up to 10 miles a day doing their jobs, water dispensers were regularly empty.