Saturday December 10, 2016

The Last Guardian Performs Poorly On The Base PS4

So much for Sony’s claim that the base PS4 would offer consistent experiences with the Pro. This is a sign that developers will either explicitly target the Pro hardware or take less effort in ensuring that games at least play as well on the weaker console.

From a performance perspective, the bottom line is this. The only option available to PlayStation gamers in getting a regularly smooth 30fps is to use PlayStation 4 Pro, running at 1080p. If you're on a regular PS4 you're in for a very variable experience; lurching between 20-30fps just by running around empty areas, and with stutters to over 110ms. All playthroughs have full v-sync, and there are thankfully no frame-pacing issues at 30fps, but sadly playing The Last Guardian on a standard PS4 easily gives the worst performance of all three options.