Friday December 09, 2016

Stupid Criminal of the Day

So you decide it is a good idea to steal $4.8 million from your employer. What do you do with the money? Obviously, you would spend almost one million dollars on "player fees for an online video game." Seriously. That happened.

According to court documents, Co was employed by Holt of California, where he served as the controller and managed the company’s accounting department. During his tenure at Holt, from May 2008 until March 2015, Co embezzled approximately $4.8 million from the company. Co used the money he embezzled to purchase, among other things, luxury cars, home furniture, and NFL football and NBA basketball season tickets. In addition, Co spent approximately $1 million on player fees for an online video game. Co also engaged in a money laundering scheme involving a portion of the embezzled funds, which was designed to conceal the origin of the money he embezzled.