Friday December 09, 2016

Magic Leap Raised Money Using Fake Videos

You mean to tell me that a company that has raised $1.4 billion in funding and has a valuation of $4.5 billion used fake videos to drum up interest in a non-existent product? How can that be? We knew that video was fake the minute we saw it.

The company has repeatedly used YouTube videos to demonstrate its version of AR, showing tiny elephants in the palms of people’s hands and a life-sized whale jumping out of a virtual ocean on a gymnasium floor. But at least one of these videos آ— showing an alien invader video game that let the wearer of the supposed headset or glasses make use of real-world objects آ— was created by visual effects studio Weta Workshop. Prior to today, it was believed Weta had simply created the visual assets for the game. However, The Information reveals the entire video was created by the studio.