Friday December 09, 2016

Intel Announces First VOKE Virtual Reality Broadcast of Critics’ Choice Awards

This weekend viewers will be treated to a front row seat atآ the Critics’ Choice Awards thanks to Intel’s virtual reality technology, VOKE VR. It will be the first time a prominent awards show has been broadcast live with VOKE VR and made available to fans on multiple headsets and mobile operating systems. The live VOKE VR stream, which is powered by Intelآ® Xeonآ™ servers, will be available on both Google Cardboard and Gear VR headsets, while an immersive 2D offering will be available for viewers without headsets on the A&E website, the Entertainment Weekly website or on the A&E iOS and Android apps. Intel is reinventing new ways to interact and experience digital content. Viewers will be able to access the 3D VOKE VR stream by downloading VOKE’s GearVR app from the Oculus store to use with a Samsung Gear VR headset or by selecting the Google Cardboard feature in A&E’s iOS and Android apps. Video-on-demand content will be available in the VOKE and A&E apps for those who are unable to watch it live.