Friday December 09, 2016

20% Of Americans Suffer From 'Information Overload'

For the most part, people in this country like having instant access to information all the time but, according to a new study, some people suffer from information overload and find it burdensome to keep track of information required to carry out certain tasks.

When institutions expect people to bring a lot of information with them to carry out tasks, some Americans find it can be burdensome to keep track of the volume of information needed. Nearly half (46%) of Americans say this statement describes them "very well" or "somewhat well": "A lot of institutions I deal with آ– schools, banks or government agencies آ– expect me to do too much information gathering in order to deal with them." Those who feel this way are more likely than others also to say that keeping track of information is stressful for them (56% vs. 30%).