Thursday December 08, 2016

Windows 10 To Overtake Windows 7 Within A Year

I'm not sure how smart it is to make predictions like this based on extrapolation. Taking an educated guess would be a better way to determine when Windows 10 will finally overtake Windows 7. I'm going to say two years. What's your guess?

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Windows 10 is an unqualified success. The company's launch with a year of free upgrades fueled adoption. As Net Market Share's chart shows, Windows 10 has been making reasonably steady inroads. Growth slowed after the free period ended, but it's still aiming itself upward and to the right. Extrapolating those adoption lines, we can see that Windows 10 is on track to overtake Windows 7. While the December 2017 date shown in the graph might be a bit optimistic, there's no doubt that a year or so from now, the dominant desktop OS will be Windows 10, not Windows 7.