Monday December 05, 2016

Catch NVIDIA at Gartner’s Data Center Conference

A GPU-accelerated data center is a key competitive advantage, NVIDIA’s آ Jim McHugh will tell attendees at Gartner’s Data Center, Infrastructure, & Operations Management Conference, in Las Vegas next week. McHugh, who serves as VP and GM of Enterprise Products, will explain how GPUs can accelerate data processing and analysis by 10-100x over traditional compute and visualize 100x more data with 40x less infrastructure. These capabilities are key to speeding up your business, آ and taking advantage of the GPU-driven AI boom that is remaking fields such as financial services, information technology, manufacturing, retail, government, and healthcare. While these applications have roots in high performance computing آ— where GPUs have long accelerated research performed on some of the world’s fastest and most efficient supercomputers آ— they’re quickly becoming mainstream. Over the past few months, it’s become clear we’ve reached a tipping point. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have turned on web services that harness GPU-accelerated computing so that enterprises can dip into whenever they need it. And some of the world’s biggest companies are embracing GPUs آ— and AI آ— to help turn big data into business insights.