Sunday December 04, 2016

President-Elect Urged To Train 100,000 Hackers

With computer hacking being more common and dangerous than ever, the incoming administration is being advised to create a "national cybersecurity workforce program" that would deliver computer scientists and other specialists to defend against such attacks. Some experts are urging government intervention in matters such as consumer devices, many of which are insecure and would require legal ramifications for manufacturers to take action.

Train 100,000 cybersecurity specialists by 2020. This is a huge number that some cybersecurity experts think is unrealistic. There's currently a severe shortage of computer scientists who know how to hack -- and to defend from hackers. As a result, salaries are skyrocketing, making it even harder for the government to hire cybersecurity experts. In fact, lots of the talented hackers at the FBI and NSA are leaving for the private sector. It's something FBI Director James Comey has voiced concern about. Security specialists tell CNNMoney they're worried that rushing to flood the job market would merely result in lower quality, less talented workers -- not the elite cybersecurity experts the country needs.