Sunday December 04, 2016

FCC: Average U.S. Broadband Speed Rising

The latest report indicates that median broadband download speeds have nearly quadrupled from 2011 (10Mbps) to 2015 (39Mbps). Other good news is that ISPs are actually delivering on the speeds they are advertising. DSL and satellite connections have basically remained stagnant, however.

This year’s report shows that broadband speed offerings to the average consumer continue to increase at a rapid pace, and broadband service providers generally are delivering actual speeds that meet or exceed advertised speeds. However, results are not uniform across technologies. The report finds a growing disparity in advertised download speeds between many DSL-based broadband services and most cable- and fiber-based broadband services. Average DSL speeds have increased only slightly over the past five years and satellite speeds, over a shorter time interval, have remained constant.