Sunday December 04, 2016

Chrome 55: Flash Now Blocked For Most Sites

Are there any downsides to Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla just coming to an agreement and blocking Flash universally in one swoop? It seems like the most practical way of getting rid of Flash-only sites; what Google is doing now just seems like postponing things.

In perhaps the most user impacting update to the browser, Chrome 55 will now, by default, block Adobe Flash content in favor of HTML5 as signaled by Google earlier this year. When a user encounters a site lacking HTML5 capability, Chrome will prompt the user and ask them to permit the Flash content to run. However, in order to minimize disruption to the user experience, Google has exempted Flash-only websites in addition to the top ten websitesآ… However, the exemption only applies for a year after which Flash content will be blocked by default for all sites and Chrome users will be required to provide their permission to view such content.