Friday December 02, 2016

FCC: AT&T's DirecTV Plan Violates Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission has written a letter to AT&T warning the company that its DirecTV plan violates net neutrality rules. The company has two weeks to respond. Again, if there were no data caps, this wouldn't be an issue. frown

"We have therefore reached the preliminary conclusion that these practices inhibit competition, harm consumers, and interfere with the ‘virtuous cycle’ needed to assure the continuing benefits of the Open Internet," FCC wireless bureau chief Jon Wilkins writes in the letter, which requests a response from the company by December 15th. "These are incredibly popular free services available to millions of customers," AT&T said in a statement. "Once again, we will provide the FCC with additional information on why the government should not take away a service that saves consumers money."