Tuesday November 29, 2016

More 'Leaked' AMD Zen Benchmarks

According to the rumor mill, more AMD Zen benchmarks have been leaked to the internet. The latest batch of numbers allegedly show an unreleased eight core Zen outperforming AMD's FX 8350 by very large margins. As always, take these numbers with a grain of salt but, I think we can all agree, it sure would be nice to have AMD back in the CPU race.

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The eight core Zen CPU clocked at 2.8Ghz managed to considerably outperform AMD’s current eight core offering, the 4.0Ghz FX 8350 despite a huge clock speed disparity. In fact, if we account for the clock speed disparity Zen would outperform the FX 8350 by 98% at the same clock speed. Offering nearly double the performance with the same number of cores, at the same clock speed. Which puts it squarely in the territory of Intel’s $1000 8 core i7 6900K and 5960X CPUs.

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