Saturday November 26, 2016

Microsoft Working On New Design Language For Windows 10 Codenamed Project Neon

In what is being dubbed by some as "Metro 2.0," Microsoft is working on a new design language that will reportedly turn Windows 10’s currently static UI into something much more lively. There are also reports that suggest this to be an effort toward bridging the desktop environment with holographic and augmented reality.

آ…Project NEON has been in the works for over a year internally at Microsoft. It builds upon the design language introduced with Windows 10, with its simple and clean interfaces, but adds some much-needed flair to the UI that the current design language just lacks. Details are still scarce, but we hear some of the new designs in the plans include adding more animations and transitions, with the overall goal of making the UI very fluid and "beautiful" compared to the current, almost static UI that is MDL2. One source familiar with Microsoft's plans described NEON as "Very fluid, lots of motion and nice transitions." Other things we've heard include app-elements being able to "escape" the borders of a window making for a much more unique experience.