Saturday November 26, 2016

Black Friday Sets Record As First $1 Billion Mobile Shopping Day In U.S. History

It really pissed me off how my favorite retailer switched to a mobile-inspired design just in time for Black Friday; I immediately wanted to blow my brains out when every asset increased about 200% in size. Sadly, that trend is only going to continue as more people buy stuff via mobiles and the "bigger is better" mentality bullies itself into traditional desktop design principles.

Online shoppers in the U.S. made $1.2 billion of purchases via their phones and tablets on Black Friday, marking the first billion-dollar mobile shopping day in U.S. history, according to estimates from Adobe. The estimate marks a 33 percent increase over last year’s mobile sales total for the day. Overall, Adobe predicts that total online sales reached $3.34 billion on the huge discount shopping day, on which retailers are increasingly running the same discounts online as they do in their stores. Large retailers who have invested heavily in their mobile websites and apps are seeing big gains this holiday season.