Monday November 21, 2016

New Program Judges If You’re a Criminal From Your Facial Features

I'm not saying this study is a load of crap...actually, I think that's exactly what I am saying. A program that judges criminality based on facial features? Seriously? Half the people in the study were convicted criminals. Call me when this program can pick one out of a thousand with one hundred percent accuracy.

The images used in the research were standard ID photographs of Chinese males between the ages of 18 and 55, with no facial hair, scars, or other markings. Wu and Zhang stress that the ID photos used were not police mugshots, and that out of 730 criminals, 235 committed violent crimes "including murder, rape, assault, kidnap, and robbery." Here’s how it worked: Xiaolin and Xi fed into a machine learning algorithm facial images of 1,856 people, of which half were convicted criminals, and then observed if any of their four classifiersآ—each using a different method of analysing facial featuresآ—could infer criminality.